New year, new contracts

Yessss! My first post of the year and I am NINETEEN days behind what I anticipated. That’s okay though because life happens. Delayed, but not denied, right?You guys have been such a huge support to me. I always have you guys in mind when I am brainstorming and creating content, so thanks to you all for inspiring me daily to create.  As we have entered into 2019, there are tons of announcements that I have been blessed to share with you all. Ok, well not tons, but it is definitely plenty to catch you up on. Don’t worry! I am using this moment while you are here to catch you up on all of my Instagram and Facebook broadcasts.  Keep reading to find out what AKCESS is up to now.
Captured by DBP

The first order of business is WORKING OUT!

Personally, working out can be so tough, both mentally and physically. Creating the discipline needed and then remaining motivated can take it out of you. My biggest excuse was that I don’t have anything to wear or that I needed new gym shoes to motivate myself.  I am not joking when I say this, but I recall praying for motivation to get back in the gym. The next day, Fabletics reached out to me. Safe to say, I am an official influencer for Fabletics! Monthly, I will share one or two gym styles and some months I will do an unboxing for you. How exciting: a merger of my passion and something I need to do to be the best version of myself!


Now as most of you are aware, I love to put classic pieces together to create affordable styles for you guys to recreate or purchase for yourselves.  I have been fortunate enough to work with women to put looks together for events they are attending or for photoshoots that they are playing a role in. With this, the opportunity to partner with Denise Benson Photography presented itself and I pounced! Ultimately, it has led to me being her company’s official wardrobe stylist when you purchase her elite BOSS packaging.  How fun, right? She wanted to create the chance for you to not have to worry about a thing during the process of focusing on your brand. I am overjoyed to be able to be in the position to serve her clientele.


Along with this huge leap of faith, I decided to just go for it and offer styling services on AKCESS.  If you click on the styling tab on the menu above (after you read this), you will see that I created three packages for you to select based on your personal needs.  I have to be transparent in saying that fear peaked its ugly head when I decided to do this. I found myself comparing to other bloggers and stylist. Then reality and the Word set in and I snapped out of it. There can only be one Kristen and one and here we are!  Which brings me to my most recent influencer endeavor with Amazon.

At the beginning of December, I accepted the opportunity to become a part of the Amazon family as an Amazon Fashion Influencer. I am very much spoiled by Amazon and Prime shipping. I can literally have fashion and accessories delivered to my home in two days, sometimes less. So, why not share my personal style options with you guys to be able to easily akcess the styles and shop?  Be sure to click here and follow me to see all of my items that I will add onto my storefront monthly!

Whew! That was a lot to take in, huh? Well, here is a recap for you:

1.       I joined in on the fun as a Fabletics influencer
2.       I am the official wardrobe stylist for the BOSS package of Denise Benson Photography
3. now offers three styling packages that you can review by clicking the styling tab above
4.       I said YES to Amazon and became an influencer for the company.

It’s always so fun to share good things with you all! Please do not think that I don’t have those out of season moments, because I definitely do! I actually feel as if I just came out of that season. I say all of that to say this; Do not get discouraged! Do not give up on your goals and aspirations!

Until next time.


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