V-day Slay

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Before Cupid’s arrival, I wanted to be sure to share a trendy, very non-traditional, style as an option for your Valentine’s date extravaganza!

I don’t have the all the research on what I’m about to say but I’m going to go ahead and say it: 99% of females believe that they must be super hot and sexy. This ultimately leads to being uncomfortable and grouchy because our feet hurt on February 14th! Am I right or am I right? I’m not sure what possessed us to think this way, but I am throwing all of that out of the door! Bring on the hot, sexy, affordable, AND comfortable look!


My bodysuit came from Boohoo and this is a size XL! It comes in black and berry. It’s perfect to wear with a skirt or even during spring. It’s thin enough for those warm days to come, but thick enough for a cool night on the town. My shades are Quay (Sahara) and I got these from Amazon! Cool deal, yes, I know!

This denim, of course, came from Express! I have had these for a while and they still slay! They have become even more distressed since I purchased them, haha!

My favorite piece to this fabulous look are my red booties! These are so kick butt gorgeous, aren’t they? These were purchased from Boohoo for $15! Yes, you have read that correctly! $15! They are super comfortable and definitely can be worn for any day or night activity! Thank me later!

A classic red lip? Why, of course my dear! I love my YSL lipstick! It doesn’t stain and it doesn’t easily rub off so you aren’t constantly touching up after you eat or drink! Definitely worth the purchase!

I hope this helps to encourage you to be different and wear what you feel comfortable in! We were given one temple, so make it look good!

Love you guys!


All photography was provided by Lavish Moments Photography

4 thoughts on “V-day Slay

    1. Being comfortable is the best way to live life! Something that took time to learn. Shout out to the gals that can lace it, spandex it, AND high heel it up DAILY! Love you and thank you for being such a support system for AKCESS!


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