Shop your Closet

I have a confession! I am addicted to shopping. Not just any kind of shopping though. Specifically online shopping! Can I get an amen? As I’m trying to “kick this habit,” I’ve decided to “shop my closet” more often!

Since doing so, I have gotten tons more of comments, direct messages, high fives, and heart emojis! I guess there’s just a different delight in reimagining clothes in ways that I didn’t think of at first. This match made in heaven equates to the perfect style!

This look was something I literally threw together the morning of the ceremony I had to attend! I posted on IG, and of course, you guys loved it! I wanted to be sure I provided all of the links and deets here as another easy AKCESS outlet for you to browse and shop!




I encourage you to always be willing to examine your closet and shop it! You would be surprised to know what you can create with pieces you already own!


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