Yes! Today is the day! My born day! I’m THIRTY! I can’t believe I’m even saying this because I vividly remember turning 21! Thirty is all about securing the bag, styling the masses, and experiencing pure joy! PERIOD! Guess who else is celebrating a born day? AKCESS! Yes! My baby is three years old today! Here was my first birthday post! I wanted to quickly share what THIRTY means to me:


TThankfulness; I’m so fascinated with the concept of being blessed to see another year of life! It’s such a precious gift that I often times take for granted.

HHumility; In this year of 30, I want to be a humble person in my off and on seasons! Those times are guaranteed and with remaining humble + faithful, I can conquer anything!

IIdentify; This  is something I want to do more of! Actually, I will require this of myself. Focusing more on getting to learn about the people that I cross paths with in life!

RReady; I’m so ready for this adventure of life that is known as my thirties! I am ready to engage, enlighten, and ignite all that’s in store for me! 

TTrending; Who doesn’t want to be a trending topic? I want to give all the glory to Him meanwhile being elevated on a platform to share my gifts & purpose in (and on)  fashion!

YYearn; I am yearning to do more. Travel more. Save more. Love more. Learn more. Serve more. Just living a life of overflow in this year of 30!


Thanks for checking in and sharing such a warm and meaningful day with me here on AKCESS! Leave a comment and say, “happy birthday!”


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