Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, sweeties! 2019 has flown by and Thanksgiving is here! Your focus is more than likely on giving thanks, family, friends, travel, and so on; I wanted to share a short list of things I am thankful for in this season of life.  Check out my list..


I am constantly thanking God for this season of change. As I near the age of THIRTY (est. December 5th, 1989), I can’t help but reflect on all of the time, I feel I wasted in my early twenties. Could I have started blogging sooner? Why wasn’t I saving money earlier? Did I really have to party so hard? (But God!) In the last days of my twenties, I am THANKFUL for growth & change! 


Here are some, but not all, of the things that I give thanks to and for:

  1. My belief system

  2. My husband + our marriage

  3. Family + friends

  4. Elevation Church


  6. Opportunities given and those taken

  7. Creativity 

  8. Discernment to know right from wrong

These are my top 8, for sure!


I know that normally, it’s all about fashion here on AKCESS, but I felt this was also necessary! I’ve included our OOTD details just in case you loved our holiday style as much as I do! Look here for my dress. Here is where you can purchase Jay’s shirt. My hat can be purchased here.


Thanks for spending a few minutes of your Thanksgiving with me! I hope that you are able to give and receive so much love today! Take in the moments, be present, and eat good (of course)!


Images provided by Brandon Grate

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