Okay, this is a very heavy and emotional post today. I still can’t bring myself to talk or share an affordable style or fashion trends with you during this difficult time. I have to use my platform to bring awareness with what’s really going on in the world! I can’t be quiet! I feel compelled to use my voice, no matter the size, to address what we’re going through during this pandemic of COVID and RACISM.


Let’s face it; whether we are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc., we are all aware that racism has and still does exist. Unfortunately, we saw someone die on television. YES, we literally saw a black man beg for his life while no one present helped to try to save him. We also witnessed a black man jogging in his neighborhood die. YES, we literally saw a black man be gunned down for absolutely no reason. Oh, and let’s not forget the young, black woman that was recently gunned down in her own home.  YES, she died as well because the police raided the wrong apartment. If these circumstances don’t make you feel completely shattered, then you need a “heart check!” Literally, ask God to show you your heart!

Since talking about all of these unfortunate deaths mentioned above, I feel obligated to share an incident that I recently encountered. It wasn’t racism, but it was a moment of me recognizing that I can’t just be “all talk” in this climate! A young man and his assumed girlfriend were in the middle of a residential highway arguing. It was evident that they were both very hostile and I witnessed him hitting her. I panicked. I didn’t want to intervene. I didn’t want to call 911. I wanted to be blind to the situation because I didn’t want to potentially lose my life trying to diffuse their situation. Afterwards, I felt terrible! I failed. This situation changed my prayer from “God, protect me,” to “God, show me my heart and protect us! Allow me to be like you!”


I share all of this to say that we have to, we must, and we are required to LEAD WITH LOVE in everything that we do. We can’t keep quiet, even when it’s uncomfortable! Thank you to the handful of people from different races that have reached out and are choosing to educate themselves during this time.


Praying for OUR strength and understanding,

2 thoughts on “I CAN’T BE QUIET

  1. Kristen,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this! I know anywhere in America, but especially the place we come from, black people are held back and seen as less than. It is very scary sometimes to try and affect change but I know that when I feel a sense of being uncomfortable having a certain conversation, it’s time for me to listen and figure out how I can be an ally. I want to validate your lived experiences, your thoughts and feelings during this tragic time. I am learning every day, working towards being a better ally for my fellow humans. I admire you so much and am thankful and blessed to know you. You make a difference every day and I know young women in Saluda look up to you. Please know that I am always here for you, ready to amplify your voice and help you in any way I can. Thanks for all you do!



    1. THIS! This is why I adore people like you! People with open and good hearts! Thanks for this, Diana! ♥️


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