Friends! We are talking about all things in the office today.  I have been residing here for at least 3 years and I never wanted to decorate. It’s just not my strong suite. I have framed photos sitting against the walls where it should be hung, but I just never hung it.  But recently, since being quarantined, something sparked in me to finally put together a “creative space!” Check out my little corner…


[ Blazer // Pants courtesy of EXPRESS x LADYGANG ]



My desk came from Wayfair PRIOR to the missing girl’s names popping on their website. I do not condone the behaviors of the company AT ALL!  It was reasonably priced at the time, so I just had to grab it. I wanted the white and gold option, but I would have never been able to keep that clean.

This was the before! 😂


I did that COMPLETELY WRONG, initially.



My chair is literally the cutest, right?  It was so easy to put together and it’s actually really comfy.  It was actually less than $200. There are tons of other cute chairs out there for your at home office space.

Adding the hats onto the wall was something I saw tons of people do on social media, so I guess we can say that the influencer was definitely INFLUENCED!


Here’s a linked list of all of my desk accessories and items used to make this space comfy

Notepad // Mouse Pad // Phone holder // Macbook adapter // MacBook Air // Rug // Rae Dunn // Leopard print pillow


My next big project will be to put up some peel and stick wallpaper from Target that I really, really, love.  The only thing is…I am not a skilled wallpaper applicator! Ha! So I guess we will see how this goes.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my little corner of creativity.

Talk soon, my loves!




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