How I Prep for Family photos

Every Fall season I really try to get photos of Jay and I for the upcoming holidays. I use them as a “Fall-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year” photo if I’m being honest. This year is our last year of capturing just the two of us so it’s so important that we take these. It can be really chaotic with just he and I so I can only imagine all of the fun next years session will bring. But for now, here’s how I prep for our fall season photos…

Fall family photos

Budgeting // I know you can capture moments on your iPhone that you’ve essentially paid $1000+ for but having a photographer is ten times better…if it’s allowed in the budget! Do not, do not, DO NOT break the bank trying to get professional photos! I hate the idea of editing so knowing my budget and staying within it is necessary!

Book your photographer // This is pretty self explanatory! I have a handful of amazing photographers to choose from so checking their books in advance is ideal. I was able to book our shoot one month in advance so that allows time to do everything else I’m discussing after this point.

Color concept // I have to decide are we going with fall colors or just any color and do black and white photos for the cards!? I’m really leaning toward the B&W option so that we can have choices! This year I want it to be calm and relaxed so I’m allowing, YES, allowing in this case, babe to wear what he’s comfy in. We decided he’s doing a denim jacket, v-neck, white shirt, a darker shade of khakis, and boots or a nice Fall shirt with jeans or khakis and boots!

Location // I get really nervous when shooting outside of Columbia, SC simply because I don’t know what other places have to offer. This year, we are having our shoot in Charlotte, NC! Our photographer has shot over a list of location ideas so that I can begin the process of elimination. Jay is a huge coffee guy so incorporating that would be important to us! Perhaps a quaint coffee shop?!

Grooming appointments // Making sure Jay schedules his barbershop visit is so important because him with a low cut just rocks my world! Seriously! Then there’s me and having to be sure my makeup artist is available (thank God she is). Can’t forget my nail appointment! Thankfully, I can do my own natural hair so I’m saving at least $80 or so there. 🥴

Here are shots (captured by B. Grate and Kristen F.) from our spring (old) and fall shoots together…

I’m super excited to see how it all comes together but, again, this is what works for me when planning for our family. Of course I’m going to share our photos once their back to us so stay tuned!


Mama K

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to check the weather for your location! You definitely don’t want to shoot on a rainy or very windy day! 😉

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