8 Months Pregnant & HNY

THIRTY THREE weeks and counting, friends! Yes, I seriously have seven weeks to finish preparing for Khlo’s arrival. We are so, extremely blessed to be in this predicament and aren’t complaining at all. But preparing for a new human being is a lot of work. Although I promised you guys an update sooner, here we are and here we go with a few updates on us…

First, happy New Year! 2022 got here fairly quickly and I’m excited to see what the year has for us! And you, too! Although we are still in this pandemic, keep the faith and make your dreams a reality! Go for it (whatever it is)!

Let’s chat clothes/fashion. Thank God I work from home because there is no way I could have five different looks for the work week plus whatever we decide to do on the weekends. It is tough. I surprisingly haven’t gained any additional weight based on the scale but I definitely feel like my tummy is dragging the ground. It’s actually sort of comical as I write this out. Haha.

Now, updates on baby girl. She is spoiled and I can only imagine how bad it will be when she joins us Earth side. I have a doctor’s appointment very soon and we will hopefully have an updated ultrasound and get to see her in 3D/4D imaging. Fingers crossed because those that talk to me daily know the horror story of my last appointment. In short, I was scheduled for an ultrasound and the office had a “miscommunication” and we weren’t able to see her. Blah. Anyway, Khloe is moving so much every day and every time I attempt to record her moving, she stops. Safe to say she may not like the camera.

Daddy is doing great. He has put all of Khlo’s room items together, the crib, dresser, glider, Halo, and next up is figuring out what else needs to go on her walls. I don’t want to paint her room but I thought about getting some peel and stick wallpaper. Too bad I am not cut out to install so if you know someone that is a guru, let me know via email or social media, please. Jay has been such an angel when it comes to myself and baby girl. He asks every ten minutes if I am good and is Khlo good? I’m just thankful. Couldn’t imagine doing this without him.

Well, that is all I have for now! I guess by the time I do this again, she will be here with us. My goal is to do a hospital bag post because, I mean, why not? I may do a nursery post once it is 100% complete but can’t make any promises on that. Maternity pictures & baby showers are my next big project! 🤞🏾

Thanks for all of your prayers, check ins and support! Until next time my loves!


Kristen / Mama K

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