What’s In My Hospital Bag

I’m back, guys and it is getting serious over here. We have four weeks left of this pregnancy and time is flying. I wanted to, as noted previously here, share some of my must have items that are packed and ready for the hospital. I was fortunate enough to partner with Kindred Bravely for all of the essential items a mom to be needs when prepping for her stay so let’s get right into what I consider to be my mama must haves…

Each of us has our own bag. I have my Fawn Design Weekender for me, Khloe’s items are packed in my newest Barrington tote that will serve as my purse as well, and daddy has his Under Armor tote (MEN!).

Sublime Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra – this will more than likely be the bra I wear when we are released from the hospital so that I can begin to gain a feel to how my new bra situation will be like

Nursing PJ set in the color Davy – these are a must because they are extremely soft and surprisingly long enough for me (I’m 5’8)

High Waisted Postpartum Panties – I know I will use a ton of the mesh panties from the hospital but I wanted to pack at least two of the five pairs just in case

Universal Labor and Delivery Gown – this is an alternative if you don’t want to wear that dreaded, typical hospital gown; this also has entry for your epidural in the back

Labor and Delivery socks – these were too cute not to get (Baby You’re Worth It, is what they say)

Of course, I packed toiletries, insurance cards, vitamins, Crocs (shower shoes), 10 ft chargers, portable fan, and a few more items that I was advised were a necessity from other millennial or pandemic moms.

Everything is linked for any mamas to be that are reading this and you can use code AKCESS20 for 20% off your order! Here’s the link for you to shop their site.

As I stated, it’s getting serious over here!! Talk soon loves!


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