Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Although I’m pretty sure this post would have been a little more helpful if I would have posted prior to today; I still wanted to show that you can be trendy and comfortable without breaking the bank!

This dress is super comfy and definitely appropriate if you’re going for that backyard BBQ or fireworks show look for the holiday! The major plus for this look is, of course, it’s off the shoulder! I live for the OTS look! As most can assume, that’s my top fashion look!

Where did I purchase this from? You are going to literally hyperventilate when you find out! Walmart! Can you believe that? I spotted it on the clearance rack for $9.00! Actually, my husband did. (Isn’t that cool?) Talk about shopping on a budget! My mules are from Entourage and if you like these you should head over to my Instagram to enter my collab giveaway!

I hope this somehow helps with your fashion decisions for today or this evening! Let our takeaway from AKCESS be to always be willing to find fashion gems anywhere!

(Major thanks to my photographer for today, Jay, for being so patient and capturing these shots.)

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