Trending Topic: Dresses with Pockets [Pt. I]

Pockets + Dresses = A Match Made in Heaven

I’m not sure if this is considered a “new trend”, but it will forever be a trend in the fashion world.

This is by far the cutest and most comfortable dress I have ever worn. This dress is from Entourage!

Unfortunately, it is not on their webpage, but can definitely be found in stores.  This Delancey dress is only $38 and totally worth the trip to the store.  I mean, really: it has pockets!

Pockets can sometimes be the deal maker or a deal breaker.  In this case, it was a maker!  This can be the perfect look for attending Soda City (for my local ladies) or even your own town’s festivals, farmer’s market, or just a casual day out.

With the perfect accessories and shoes (btw these mules are from Entourage), this could also go for date night.  Add a cute clutch and you are all set.


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