Drama Queen.

Yes; I can easily be the most dramatic person in the room.  It is official. I am completely OBSESSED! (See what I mean by dramatic?) I’m seriously going crazy over fall fits. Why am I so late in joining the party? I had no idea how amazing and fun it is to style for this time of year!

In the spirit of all things festive, I created an acronym for FALL (I mean I do use the word quite a bit) and it is as followed :



Looks for 


Cute, right?

This style is less than $50! Take a look!

Ok, this beauty is a gorgeous leaf green swing dress from Old Navy! It is just like my gameday garnet featured a few weeks ago! And I am not fibbing when I tell you all that these dresses are so comfortable. The added bonus to these dresses are that you can literally dress it up or down. It is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe!

This is my nude bucket purse from Forever21! The straps are adjustable, which is a plus! It comes with a wristlet (not pictured), which is another plus for me. I do wish I would have purchased the purse with small handles so I could have the option to hand carry but that wasn’t in stock. Just my luck. I seriously fall (No pun intended!) for this bag every time I wear it because I absolutely love how it goes with anything!

My flats are from one of my favorite stores, Express.  My necklace is from Cristina V. Jewelry!

Tassels made such a huge statement this year and these colors are perfect for any fall occasion.

And not to forget, this hair is from the LIVted Hair Collection. To purchase, use this link to get in touch with my stylist.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment and tell me your favorite fall trend. You don’t have to only email me! (Although, I love those too!) I would love for all of my viewers to hear the awesome things that you all have to say!

Chat soon, dolls (and Kens)!


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