Happy Birthday!

Wow! The day has finally arrived ! It’s 12/05 at 12:05 one entire year later!  AKCESS turns one and I am officially twenty eight! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US!!

I can remember my feelings EXACTLY at this time last year. I was super nervous and feeling very anxious to hit the “publish” button on aKcess.

Once the clock hit 12:04 PM I knew I had to get myself together. This was it! I couldn’t turn back or postpone it because everything had a timeline and a plan. The moment arrived in full force! My phone showed me 12:05 PM and in that moment I literally said, “Just do it, Kristen,” and just like that, everything that I worked so hard to put together was complete!

So as I am able to experience this very moment, I can go no further without saying a few thank yous! Thank you, GOD! Without HIS will and HIS direction for my life I have no idea where I’d be! I am grateful for God’s purpose for me and for the blog! Thank you to all of my family, friends, and followers for taking this journey with me! Thank you for being encouraging, honest, and willing to trust my fashion inspirations and advice! To my staff (YES! I have unpaid staff), thank you for your early morning revisions and late night advice! To my followers/subscribers, THANK YOU for rocking with me this year! Without you, there would be no AKCESS!

Now, without any further ado, I wanted to share my top five takeaways from year one. It was actually really tough to put this together! There were so many notable influences through this journey. But let’s get right into it!

Top F•I•V•E

Give the people what they want!

Learning to listen to my niche! When you have email request or DM request from people that value your thoughts and opinions, provide them what they are asking for.

Be consistent!

This was probably my greatest concern in the beginning. Learning how to manage a schedule for AKCESS along with work/life balance was tough. Thankfully, I figured out the equation to not be overwhelmed. It’s number three.

Schedule AHEAD of time!

Don’t do same day blog post! Just don’t! I have done this two or three times in this one year and it was the worst experience ever. I was nervous about typos and terrified of link errors. It was just overwhelming and one of the most awful feelings to experience as a blogger. Since then, I have vowed to never do last minute blogging.

Have your “go-to” crew

I have no idea what I would do without my go to crew! Have a hand full of individuals that can help you with ideas or to be your listening ear! Even if you’ve connected with someone via social media, don’t be afraid to reach out and chat with them about certain things because they are here for you! Trust me!

Network your brand!

NETWORK like it’s your only job. Go extremely hard for your brand because no one else will until they see that you have that desire to be purposeful in your works! Have your business cards on hand! You never know who’s in front of you! Have marketing objects (shirts, stickers, pens)! Have something!

I’m so thrilled to be reaching this milestone of one year. The best part is that I am on this journey with all of you! Again, thanks for being here and sharing this moment with me! Cheers to another #GGB/GLITZ GLAM & BOLD year!



new year, new signatureAs always, many thanks to Kristen of Lavish Moments Photography for always making my visions become my reality.  She captured my first images for AKCESS and she will forever be apart of the blog.

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