Live Out Loud

This Summer is all about color for me!! Thanks to Courtney’s commercials and Instagram (Color Me Courtney) I am  yearning for more color!  I am loving the crisp blue hues, the bright yellows, and the vibrant pinks this season! When I saw this dress I had to have it. The off the shoulder caught my eye, but the color scheme of the outfit sold itself!

Of course this dress came from Boohoo; which is every chicks favorite store. The material is very stretchy and loose. You could probably even go down a size if you are going to order this! It’s such a fun look, but can also be worn to an evening event with the right pair of pointed toe pumps. Toss the belt and throw a jacket over your shoulders and BOOM…a brand new look! Not to mention how appropriate it can be for a holiday like tomorrow!

My shoes are one of my go to, fun, and comfy pairs of shoes that came from Target! These babies were only $24.99 and as I told you guys previously in Whimsical Feels, I had to have all of the colors!

To set my look, I had to purchase the very popular, on trend, bamboo purse that everyone has been raving about! These can be pretty expensive, but of course, that’s not why we’re here! Ha. I got this dupe purse from Amazon for half the price of the “real deal!” Again, why pay full price for what you can have the same for half?

I have noticed that when fellow bloggers include this in their outfit, there is nothing in the purse! Is this just an accessory? Absolutely not! If it was just an accessory, it would be pretty pointless! I made sure to include my makeup bag, my favorite gum (Extra Spearmint), my wallet, a pen, my phone, and a pair of Quay (pronounced KEY NOT Quay as it is spelled) shades! This allows you to see that yes, you can stash tons of items in it!

As always, I hope that you guys enjoyed this look! Thanks to Nov for the stunning, blonde hair that I am missing immensely and to my makeup artist, Sierra, for doing exactly what was asked of her!

Chat soon!


Images provided by Kristen G. of Lavish Moments Photography

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