SHE IS ME: Power of She Brunch

Hey subscribers, visitors, and people who are simply passing through to see what this blogger girl keeps ranting about when she post on her social media, “!” Welp, here you are! Today, I felt that it was necessary to share my time and experience at the Power of She Brunch that was held a few weeks ago in Greenwood, SC.

I have never spoken at any event…like ever! The most that I have done in front of a crowd was cheer, sing in the church, and say the welcome and/or program speeches. This opportunity was truly a moment of growth and answered prayers. So let me tell you how it transpired! Lately, I have watched Jay, my husband, grow phenomenally in his passion of connecting with people. I was having a conversation with him, in a joking manner, about how I never get asked to speak at events. So he, as usual, encourages me to pray about it. Well, that’s exactly what I did and it’s as if this opportunity just fell into my lap. I had gotten a message regarding this brunch from the amazing creator of the brand, Taja Wilson, and I literally dropped my iPhone. How was this happening and so quickly at that? I was given plenty of time to prepare for the panel and I had no idea where to begin honestly. But then, I thought to myself, be confident in my responses and ask that God speak through me. Well, I am here to tell you He showed up and out.

Fast forward to the day of the event; choosing something to wear was a no brainer. Between Claire Sulmers and Target (along with my fellow influencers), I knew I needed to get my hands on this all pink look. This was my first time pulling off the monochromatic style in a bright color. So, thank you to everyone that showed love and supported my look. I felt confident in this fit and I felt like I was ready!

BOY was I nervous! It’s as if it all came from out of nowhere. But as we began to speak and have the conversations, it was such an exhilarating feeling! I was able to meet so many different women with different stories that were from the heart of that small town. I am from a very small town, and seeing how women can come together at an event and love on each other was beautiful. Sharing that platform and stage with the other panelist, Torah, Teresa, and Krystal, also added to my excitement! Seeing God speak through them made me feel so empowered.

Taja did an exceptional job with creating and perfectly executing her Empowerment Brunch vision. From being completely sold out to being able to share such amazing stories, seeing and sharing the power of His works was a blessing!

Now, you saw it here first…I am breaking my silence and AFFIRMING several speaking engagements into my future! I hope that you enjoyed hearing about my experience! Can’t wait to have more events to share with you guys!


Shop my look for the Empowerment Brunch HERE!

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