Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder! This title is perfect for this fun and colorful look. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with a few people regarding styling opportunities. I was afforded this opportunity based on the things that I wear and outfits that I put together for others. Remember, you are a walking image of your brand! It is so important to know that you always need to look your best!

Styling and dressing others is extremely tough. It is harder than dressing my own body because that’s something that I know perfectly. I know what styles work for my body shape and what colors compliment my skin tone.

Here is what I would use as an approach to styling someone else:


Meeting the person and understanding what they want to accomplish is key. You can’t present an idea for someone that you haven’t began to understand. My vision could be completely off from what they want or envision for themselves. It’s important for both parties to be open minded. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be exhilarating.

2. Budgeting

Once I know what the client is envisioning and wants to accomplish, we can then talk about the budget. Do you want to spend your money on quality items that will last you for a lengthy amount of time or would you like items that are on trend currently? I always suggest a mixture of both. Get your classic, timeless items, but also get pieces that are trendy, different, yet exclusive to your new style that’s being created.

3. Style

This is the fun part! Trying on the clothes! Trying on the different scoop and v-necks. Slipping into that new flowing skirt versus a tight fitting mini. Pulling up those slim fit jeans versus the ones that were a size too big!

Executing the perfect look can be such a fun and informative experience for both me and the person I’m working with! Don’t be afraid to change whatever it is that you have been wearing and welcome your new style with open arms!


WHAT I WORE ( #WIW ): Jacket // dress // slides // heels // shades

Images by LMP

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