Let’s talk BRANDING today, ladies and gentlemen! How many of you reading this right now are confident in your brand’s image? Be completely honest! I will assume that 50% of you are absolutely in love with your current brand style and the remaining 50% of you are panicking right now because you have ZERO images that represent your brand or business! Try not to hyperventilate! Today’s post will reassure you that it’s not too late. I’ve got you covered.

This year is all about making BOSS moves and my greatest boss collab opportunity began with Denise Benson photography. Together, Denise (photographer), Whitney (makeup artist), and I (wardrobe coordinator) offer what’s called the Boss package. Click HERE to get the package details!


We were blessed to have our first branding shoot just last month with the stunning, Tracey M. (Yes, go ahead and follow her IG right now!) I took a moment to discuss some styling feedback with Tracey since completing her Boss branding session with us! See what she had to say about her experience:


  1. What was the best part of the Boss experience for you? TRACEY: The best part of the Boss experience for me was being able to take the guesswork out of the look for my shoot. I didn’t have to worry about putting looks together or doing my makeup and having it look like trash. Kristen took time to get to know me, my style and offered looks that took me out of my comfort zone yet still showed my personality.

  2. Did you have a moment that can be deemed as your highlight? TRACEY: My highlight was shopping in my closet! Kristen took items that I already had and added a new flare to them. I LOVED that! What was your pit, if applicable? TRACEY: Pit? There was no pit! Kristen was with me every step of the way. She texted me the morning of the shoot and gave me a good ‘ole pep talk because I was so nervous.  I felt like a supermodel!

  3. Having a stylist for your shoot, was this beneficial? If yes, how/why? TRACEY: Having a stylist for my shoot was definitely beneficial because it allowed me to focus on other things instead of finding styles that would photograph well and look great at the same time.

  4. Overall, from your initial welcome email to receiving your gallery, how would you rate your experience AND would you recommend the BOSS package to others interested in branding projects? TRACEY: There is no scale that could accurately rate my experience. From beginning to the end, the experience was seamless and fun. I can’t wait to work with the BOSS team again. Would I recommend the BOSS package to others? ABSOLUTELY!



Well, there you have it guys! There is the reassurance of why you want to contact us for your branding deal! Your brand and business images are what people see and honestly, it’s what’s used in those first few seconds of web searching or Instagram scrolling! Don’t let potential clients pass you by! Email us today to take your brand to the next level!


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