Fall Approach: Barrington Tote

Well, well, well…..long time, no see! I am super excited to finally be chatting with you guys. I totally need to share some fall fashion inspiration with you along with make you gag on my latest purse purchase! I finally got my Barrington Gifts tote and I absolutely love it! Let’s waste zero time and get right into it…

I have been eyeing Barrington Gift’s Instagram page since I began blogging nearly three years ago. It was something about the uniqueness of each tote and being able to personalize the bags to my liking. (Southern belles will monogram any and everything that we own! FACTS!) I didn’t really want to spend more than $200.00 on a tote, but I finally was able to get the exact one I wanted! God is good, isn’t He? YES, HE IS! I knew once my tote arrived, I was definitely going to pair it with a chic, fall style that I could coordinate quickly.

My outfit is super easy to recreate with items that you already have. If you are interested in shopping my look, it is literally less than $100.00. My long, fall cardigan came from Shein and here is that link to purchase. I was unsure on sizing so when in doubt, size up! My white, V-neck is Time and Tru (Wal-Mart brand). The denim is Old Navy (clearance rack). The booties are from Express and I cannot find them online, so if I come across them in-store, I will definitely share on my InstaStories. The headband is from Amazon and yes, ladies, it was only $3.00. No Prime shipping, but being so affordable makes the wait worth for sure.

Here and here are the two St. Anne Tote’s that you can shop.  One has a zipper and the other is wide open. I got the version without a zipper just because it works for all of the items I carry on a normal day. I do wish there was a latch or something that could close it, but, of course, that didn’t make or break my purchase decision.

I recommend that every woman have a rather large tote in their closet that can go from purse to overnight tote if needed. I am always thinking multi-purpose when it comes to trends and styles!  

Have a beautiful day, loves. Until next time.


Many, many thanks to Brandon Grate for these images.

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