Tiger Print Ruffle Dress

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT judge me! I know that it’s been a while since being here and chatting with you. March to be specific! Forward progress is the goal, so here we are. I wanted to share this Express, clearance dress with you while all sizes are still available for you to purchase.

Images by Denise Benson Photography

I’m wearing an XL in this dress (for reference). I was nervous that the dress was going to be too short for me since I am 5’7, but it wasn’t bad at all. I don’t recommend bending over for anything though. Otherwise, you’ll have a different story to tell. 

I loved pairing this with my Express strap heels, but I’m looking forward to matching this with a denim jacket and a pair of classic Chuck Taylors or those really popular Gucci sneakers (dupe) that everyone’s rocking! The color scheme won’t be a distraction.

Be sure to shop this look ASAP before your size is gone! Thanks, my loves, and have a fab day!


2 thoughts on “Tiger Print Ruffle Dress

    1. Thanks, gorgeous! I try to provide alternate styles! Everyone doesn’t want to wear heels, you know!? Love you! Miss you!


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