Taking Time Off

Whewwwww…deep breath! Ok, here we go!

Hey guys! I know if has been (almost) a full month since we last chatted, but I must admit, a break was very much needed. Nothing is wrong but it was just time in my blogging and social influence profession to step back and not have a care in the world about sharing this product or that product, this try-on haul or even that new shipment that arrived. I just needed to BE and honestly, it has been quite pleasurable. I am sharing three signs you need to be taking a break from social media, so keep reading along.

Three Signs You Need to Take a Break

  1. Trying to Reach Perfection at the Expense of Others // Comparison

Recently, Pastor Steven of Elevation Church has spoken on how we can’t copy other people’s crazy!  Do we really know what we are copying when all we can see is what is shared on social platforms? We tend to look at other people on social media and think that their lives are so perfect and so entertaining because of that tiny square that they share with the world. You do realize that they are choosing to share certain moments in time, right? I am guilty and you are guilty of doing it, too. Be real! Your life is not flowers, street photos, good food, trips around the world, and fancy cocktails. JUST STOP IT! We fall into a hole of comparison and I was seeing myself get there so that is the first thing that triggered me to sit back, evaluate myself, and step away. I know Mattie James PREACHES that consistency is key but at what cost am I willing to remain consistent yet torture my mental? Think about it.

2. Taking Away Time from Meaningful Moments and Causing Stress

I, personally, would spend several hours a day sitting on social media thinking of the right time to post along with the right caption to go along with the photo. That alone would take 30 mins to an hour simply because I am sitting there trying to see what’s trending, what will make me visible, and/or what will produce high analytics.? All of that just seemed so pointless while away. Then there is the factor of having my head planted into my phone so much so that I miss moments that are happening around me. It’s like my ears turn off and I can’t hear anything aside from my iPhone. This was another huge indicator that it was time to step back. The even more bizarre thing about it all, I still was able to earn a decent income (RewardStyle) while not posting anything on my platforms, so thank you God for always providing for your girl!

3. You Feel Uninspired

I can admit all day long, ideas weren’t flowing to me as much as they used to. I am not sure the reason, but I just was not feeling inspired to book a photoshoot or to get dressed even. I just wanted to sit at home, work until 5pm, and chill. I didn’t want to be on stories telling you what I was doing, I didn’t want to talk about clothes, NOTHING. When you feel uninspired, it will show in your work and that wasn’t something that I was willing to risk for the sake of “keeping up” with any one. We all feel the pressure to perform but again, at what expense are you willing to place ourselves in such a bad head space to say, “I posted today!”?

So, to be very clear, you don’t have to take a break if you don’t want to but as for me and my sanity, rest and reset was and still is mandatory. Not sure when I will “return” but do know I am watching some stories as I allow myself one hour a day to be nosey. Hey, honesty is the best policy, right? Ha. Chat soon guys!



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