Way up I feel blessed!

That’s honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the goodness of the Lord! I am so excited to share with you that God has done it AGAIN! We are having a baby girlllll come early Spring (2022)! I couldn’t hold it in anymore! I’m just exploding with joy! 🤰🏽💕

As most of you know, my husband and I experienced a traumatic miscarriage in January of this year. Our baby boy was born Jan. 28th and I literally think about him every single time I experience anything during this pregnancy! There is a such thing as “miscarriage shame” as I don’t want to feel like he’s forgotten, because he’s not! We are just so thankful that with my surgery that took place in April (to remove a fibroid) we were able to create this angel face right after!

We were able to learn the gender at 8 weeks by using SNEAK PEEK GENDER testing! That was an experience alone as my sister spent almost an hour calming me down to simply prick my fingers! I hate needles! Safe to say, she got the job done and we got our results in less than 5 days! The Chinese gender chart predicted a girl. As baby grew, my ultrasound tech advised that she thought it was a girl so that was confirmation for us, too!

It just amazes me to see how God orchestrated our story! I had to go through that loss in January to really appreciate this moment! I’m not focused on when or what to share on social but more so taking in every moment of change and growth!

Here are/were my pregnancy symptoms with baby girl so far:

-No morning sickness

-Smell sense is on 100,000; I can smell everything

-Sleep was my best friend all of my 1st trimester

-Baby vegan? I most times don’t want meats anymore

-Supperrrr itchy stomach; skin is stretching

Yep, that really sums it all up for me! She immediately had a first name at 8 weeks but her middle name took some time! She’s following mommy’s footsteps by having my same initials, KCS! I can’t stop smiling because this by far is one of our greatest blessings! I can’t wait to share more with you all! Keep us in prayer and YES, the registry will be shared upon request!



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