Hello Twenty

Wow! Am I really half way through my pregnancy with this sweet girl? It seems so surreal. Me, blessed and favored to carry such a dream! Baby K is growing and glowing and I, of course, have to share some updates with my AKCESS village! Before I do that, I absolutely have to take a moment to acknowledge that today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day! 260 days ago, I had our son who is now an angel! I will always share my story and I hope that it encourages other woman to never, ever lose hope because it is always going to be His timing and not our own! Now, let’s keep reading shall we….

My sweet girl weighs a whopping 9 oz as of two weeks ago. Wow, right? Learning her gender at 8 weeks was probably the greatest thing we could have done! I love talking to her and saying, “little girl, she, her,” etc. just makes me feel that much closer to her!

I just recently began to consistently feel her moving and it really is indescribable. It feels like flutters or a very intense pulse in your stomach. I was worried sick thinking about when I would feel her and it was while in bed watching a football game did I really feel her! She’s been kicking since 14 weeks as we have it on video but it wasn’t until 19 weeks that I felt anything.

Mama (me) is doing fantastic, honestly! I haven’t had too much discomfort aside from my sciatic nerve bugging me a bit. Other than that, I’m fabulous! Finding clothes is tough because shirts aren’t long enough so racking up on dresses has been my thing. Here is my fav dress currently from Walmart! I have no clue what fashion will look like during “Winter” but hopefully I’ll survive! Feel free to share some style ideas for plus mamas!

Her room/nursery is not coming together! We have her crib, dresser, changing basket, glider, and rug! Still a ways to go but we will get there for sure! Babe said he’ll get it all done on his Christmas break so ummm, yeah, December will be here before we know it!

I’ll probably formally check back in with you guys around 26 weeks or so. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on all social platforms (mostly IG) for all of the “in between” stuff that goes on!

Love, love!!


“Mama K”

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