Three Two

Yes, today is my 32nd birthday! It’s also my “blogaversary!” AKCESS IS FIVE! Whew! What a journey! I’ve shared so much through this platform and I’m just so thankful for you guys that stick with me through it all! Since today is so special to me, I figured I’d share another “something special” with you guys! Carry on to see what it could be…

No, guess again! Ha. I’m kidding! Lots of expecting moms tend to share their child’s name once they are born but I wanted to share a piece of one of my greatest miracles and gifts from God with you guys here today!

Black Love
Photos by Faith

Baby K is Baby Khloe! 🎉

I’ve always dreamed of having a mini me with my initials and Jay so graciously let me take the lead on choosing her name, so thanks, babe! You know my girl had to get her own IG! Follow her account HERE!

It feels so good to share this moment, this journey, and this new year with you all! Greater gratitude, greater heights, GREATER EVERYTHING for this 32nd year of life! Thank you, Lord keeping me!

Forever His,

Mama K

For my birthday, I’d love for you to donate to my husband’s non-profit, Bigger Than Sports, SC Annual Christmas Toy Drive by clicking HERE!

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