PRESSED for #ColaFashionWeek

YASSSSSSS, Columbia! Come through with the 7th Annual Columbia Fashion Week events! Night one was so much fun! I am being completely honest with you on this. Columbia Fashion Week may seem much smaller in comparison to surrounding cities/states such as Charlotte or Charleston but HUH-NEY, when I tell you we came to slay, you better believe it! Here is a recap of my first event attending this week!

The kickoff to the week was being held at the store opening of Styled by Naida. This is a retailer that places emphasis on thrifting and re-inventing a look for a very affordable price. That’s my kind of gal. As I approached the event, I took notice of the red carpet laid out of the entryway and her huge sign showing the name of her store.

I walked in and I was immediately greeted at the door to sign in and to get my “ALL AKCESS” pass for the entire week! Media passes are LIFE!

I instantly took notice to the patent leather Christian Louboutins that were on display on the top shelf. Yes, so it was THAT kind of party! I knew I had to be prepared to mix, mingle, and use this motormouth of mine to network. I am so thankful that I am not shy! I walked around the room and gravitated to Alicia Zeigler, the creator of all things fashion week. As soon as we wrapped up our conversation, it was as if something jolted through my spirit and I was off. I met so many amazing and talented young women! From photographers to fellow bloggers to fashion designers, here are a few of the wonderful people that I was able to chat with:

Kayla Cole

Mallory Shorter

Tameka Alicea

Natalie Heatley

I could go on and on…

Be sure to check them out when you have a chance!

Once I finished networking, I was able to finally catch some time with the store owner, Naida. She and I chatted about our looks and how her glasses were a last-minute decision because she couldn’t find her makeup bag. These shades definitely fit her personality, so it was a win for her! I knew that the night’s event was important to her and she had tons of people to meet and chat with, so I only asked her four questions during our time together. Take a look at what Naida and I were able to discuss:

K: How did thrifting become your “thing?” How did you know this was your passion?

N: I have been a thrifter since I was younger. Growing up in a foster home, I always had to make do with what I could. It was more so by force. When I was in college, people would compliment me on my clothes and I would be like, “Oh, thanks! I got it for $1.00!” At that moment I knew this was going to be my passion. As I got older, I knew that women wanted to look their best for the most affordable price.

K: What or where are your favorite stores to thrift through?

N: My favorite place outside of South Carolina is Seattle, Washington. I always find good, designer deals. Here in Columbia, I love to go to the Goodwill located on Decker Blvd. Oh, and I cannot forget His House Ministries. They are the best, hands down, my favorite.

K: What has been your most profitable purchase/sale?

N: I bought a Gucci bag for $2.00 from His House Ministries and sold it for $250.00!

K: For women that are interested in knowing how to get in contact with you for a consultation or to hire you, what do they need to do?

N: First, I can only work with women that are open to change. I don’t accept people who want to stay the same. What you put on is what speaks to the world and my goal is to make you feel like you like you belong in that new role or purpose!

Was that not an awesome, short, and sweet conversation? I was in awe at her sternness and ambition all balled into one!

There were so many stories, and personalities being displayed at the PRESSED event and that is truly why I love fashion. Seeing how we can all tell stories through our choice of clothing is something that God gave us the ability to do, and I use AKCESS to simply highlight that platform!

I am excited to attend the Fashion Education Panel & Trash the Runway Mini Presentation/Competition. It’s always been an enlightening experience that is time well spent and I am sure that this year’s festivities will not disappoint!Toodles!



WIW: denim romper // shoes // purse // earrings (similar pair)

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