Class in Session : #ColaFashionWeek 101

Three post in less than one week? I know, I know…this is not typical of me, but it’s the 7th Annual Columbia Fashion Week! The occasion is absolutely worth breaking routine! I am so excited to share my experiences with you now so that you can still have time to attend an event this week before it’s all over!

I wanted to recap and elaborate on night 3 of #CFW. This night consisted of the Fashion Education Panel and Trash the Runway Mini Presentation/Competition! It was so exciting! Keep reading to hear all about it!

I was a bit tardy due to the spur of the moment storm which ultimately allowed a tree to fall over and cause major traffic backups! I felt like I was never going to make it there! This year, they used a new location for the event. The space near the university. I’m sure that was helpful with getting student involvement for those that are still in the city, but it didn’t make me get there any sooner! I had a trying day and was ready to get to #CFW! I was so anxious to hear what the panelists had to say! The questions were very thought-provoking which I appreciated.

Everyone that was involved on the panel were store owners, bloggers, or influencers of the community. This included Naida of Styled by Naida, Raquel of DMR Fashion, trendy Freandy of WACH FOX news and men’s fashion influencer, and, Aya and Dania of Always Two Fabulous.

They dropped valuable gems on networking and how to remain at the top of your game! As always, I want to be sure to provide my greatest takeaways from the panelist. Here’s what I took away from the panel:

  • Being unique is key to being comfortable IN your style and WITH your style
  • Show your confidence while being relatable to your audience
  • Be open to networking
  • Always be curious
  • Be willing to help others in and out of your “circle” without compensation
  • KNOW your goal and don’t SHOW your goal

Good stuff, right? That last one has stuck with me. I am adopting the quote because it is important if you want to be successful in this field! Bragging gets us NOWHERE, ladies and gentlemen, nowhere! Let’s uplift each other, help each other (and not take it as shade or hate), and grow together! Let’s flourish together!

If you want to be apart of the #ColaFashionWeek experience, it’s not too late! You have two more nights full of glitz, glam, and bold (fashionistas)!


AKCESS to my outfit: Blazer // Shorts // Blouse // Shoes // Earrings

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