I know that our Sundays are for us to relax, regroup, and prepare for a purposeful week ahead. On top of that, it was Father’s day yesterday and there wasn’t any need for me to entice you with “a look!” So….here we are! This is now a Monday Funday feature! With #unplugging and surviving without AKCESS to social media this past week, I’m back and ready to conquer! So allow me to quickly share all of the floral, outfit details to my #Galsweekend look!

Plus Kirsten Stripe + Floral Twist Front Shirt Dress

I don’t believe that I can ever express how kind everyone was to me regarding this fun and affordable (KEY WORD) look! From direct messages, comments, and many even purchasing the entire look…you are all totally appreciated!

Now, let’s get into it…


#Galsweekend is a new tradition for myself and my amazing lady friends. We always try to spend a weekend together and boy, oh, boy, do we have a good time! Remember that you don’t have to hop on a plane and spend hundreds of dollars to have a fabulous time with your gals!

Plus Kirsten Stripe + Floral Twist Front Shirt Dress

We chose to visit City Scape Winery located in Pelzer, SC and it was so delightful!

Our theme was •FLORALS•

Plus Kirsten Stripe + Floral Twist Front Shirt Dress

So to be sure to include my signature splash of color in addition to the floral look, I turned to Google and searched “colorful floral dresses,” and BOOM! Thanks, Boohoo, for always coming through! Even the purse is from Boohoo! These oh so stylish tassel earrings are from BurdLife! Use the code “KRISTEN15” and you will receive 15% off of your purchase! That’s a deal for sure!

Plus Kirsten Stripe + Floral Twist Front Shirt Dress

For easy AKCESS to the look, click HERE to shop directly from my profile!

Now, shop the look, plan a #Galsweekend, and most importantly; tag #AKCESS to share your looks!


P.S. The natural hair is flourishing and for that I am thankful!

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